Karatbars international

         Video 3 - Detailed explanation of Karatbars products and how to become a customer/business partner

Video 2 - Why own gold? Find out why owning gold is so important. (With subtitles for deaf or hearing impaired).   

 Welcome To Karatbars    May 2016

On this website we want to introduce you to Karatbars International and physical gold ownership. We are not a "five minutes of hype to get your email" business. The three videos below will take approximately one hour to watch and will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision. 

If you wish to proceed as a customer or Business Partner please get back to the person who sent you to this website. You will need a link/username to register for your free account. 


Video 1 - Meet the company owner, Mr Harald Seiz. See inside head 

office, Stuttgart, Germany.